Error catching blocks

I would like a
try ({...} :: grey ring) but if ((error) :: control) ({say (error)} ::grey ring) :: control
block, I know there is a library for this, but it uses JS...

I can make it with no js it will just take a while

Ok, could you try to make it?

sure ill start working now


You could definitely make one without JS, but the error would still show up while running and you couldn't report what it is.

The repaired libraries are available now in the dev version:

Please do not send bug reports about this development version! We know there are plenty of bugs. That's what "development" means. This is not even an alpha-test version; when there is an official pre-release you'll be the first to know. :~) We are hoping this will be ready for release in time for Snap!Con, which is three weeks away.

nvm, thats not what I mean

Cool, have you added anything else in the dev version?

Many things... start by reading the settings menu.

I found something that would be helpful for Lunar OS (which I am not a part of). It would also be helpful for Baffoozling (a game that is on my infinite list of started-but-not-finished things).

@bh Could you make a topic for discussing 7.0 development?

this has nothing to do with liner os

I'd rather not; we're not taking suggestions. (There's already way too much to get ready.) Feel free to organize a 7.0 treasure hunt, though. :~)

What is a


Oh gosh have you never experienced a treasure hunt at someone's birthday party? The grownups hide things ahead of time and the kids run around looking for them.

I mean in software...

Are you thinking of scenes?

What are scenes?

do you want the block to look the same as the one in the libraries @sir_kitten2.
sorry if I spelled something wrong.