Easier drawing in the paint editor

Currently, you can't draw a dot in the paint editor just by clicking. You have to move the mouse a little, which makes the dot kind of stretched out. It would be helpful if it draws when you left click, instead of drawing only when you hold left click and move the mouse around.

The paint editor has been acknowledged many times to need improvements

But the main effort in developing Snap! goes into the blocks.

Its generally easier to work on all but the simplest images using an external program and import it into Snap!

yeah i've been drawing things in Scratch then importing them into snap
but that's kind of inconvenient, so i hope it gets updated

Oh now that's embarrassing. It'd be okay if you were using Photoshop or something.

We need more staff. The paint editors (bitmap and vector) have been high on everyone's list since forever ago, but we never get a round tuit.

yeah, but i don't want to have to learn a new thing. scratch's paint editor is really easy to use for me because i have a weird art style and i've been using it for 4 years

C'mon! You can totally draw a dot in both of Snap's drawing editor by selecting the filled circle tool. I do it all the time.

yeah but like, i wanted a really small dot and using the selection tool to move it around is a pain

Oh, I wasn't suggesting that you should be embarrassed! I meant that I'm embarrassed if we aren't at least as good as Scratch in this area.

oh ok

If you need precision, you should draw the costume in Snap!:

untitled script pic

If you upload a vector from Scratch (which I do as it's easier) then when you try to edit it, it becomes empty.

yeah that's an issue, so i have to edit all of my art in scratch

Yeah, our still-primitive vector editor can only edit costumes that were created with it. But it shouldn't become empty, you should get a mini-editor that only lets you change the rotation point. Although, @bromagosa, it'd be better if that mini-editor also had a "convert to bitmap" button.

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