Please update your sprite and paint editor!

I wish Snap's paint editor was updated to support much more functionality, like text, and other stuff that most paint editors have.

I am tired to go to other paint editors, make my sprites there, and then download them and then put them on Snap!. It would flood my computer with png files and other junk, and also, it's like using gas energy vs solar or wind energy.

Going to an external paint editor, downloading and editing image files and then putting them into Snap! is like using gas energy. It's VERY inefficient as it wastes a lot of time. I want a shortcut to this. And what better shortcut would you get other than a Text editor and more functions?

I fully support this

If your downloads folder is too messy to be able to find and delete the things you don't want, that's your problem.
Also, the developers have talked about this before, and there's already been tons and tons of topics about it.

move it to snap feature request so we can vote for it...

It's a fact, so the programmers want it !

Expanding on what @helicoptur said. bh has said lots of times, that it's on their very long todo list.

Yes please! Also change it to Feature Requests.

Yeah we know. No need to vote.

Made it into a topic you can vote on.

I think if we haven't update of paint editor we should try
to join forces and make a temporary extension to paint editor.

Do you mean like a browser extension?

something like

Well, how will we make it? I don't have replit or github.

It's only a suggestion, doesn't always can to do.

IDEA: Have a wiki forum post with the code

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