draw Scratch 1.4 blocks


No text yet--I'd appreciate it if someone split this image:
Scratch VerdanaBoldNarrowSpacing 10
into costumes for each letter (split by one pixel each) (the space char is 4 pixels wide) (and with the costume rotation center at the top-left including any extra space above the black pixels) (also with the white pixels being transparent) with a list of the widths of each char.

Sounds like something you could do searching for ␢␢␢␢␢ (or however tall that picture is) in COLUMNS of the picture.

I have no clue what you mean.

Ah. Did I confuse you by using ␢ for "visible space"? The point is, you said there's a blank one-pixel column between characters, and so you can put that to use in splitting up your font picture, rather than asking someone to do it by hand.

Or are you unfamiliar with the COLUMNS function that's one of the options of the LENGTH block?

I don't have it as a list, and if I import it and use PIXELS OF COSTUME, it gives a blurred version.

Can you import it in pieces, at a larger scale?

PS Where did it come from in the first place?

I could import it in pieces--I think it's just too big.

Scratch 1.4, fill screen off (Or maybe BYOB).

Ah, as a screenshot? Maybe you could write a program in Scratch to write the characters on the stage one at a time, in huge size?

The general idea here is that somehow, in some form, you already have this font, digitized. So the trick is to stay digital rather than write and then read.

if it is monospace,you can use the form new costume block and overflow

or you could simulate the dissappearing text bug

How? Scratch (and Byob) doesn't have a WRITE block. I got that text by duplicating a block label and setting the contents of it to that string.

Wow, WRITE didn't come until Snap!? I feel like we've had it forever.

Hmm, well, do you know what font it is? Maybe you can find a good sample online. Otherwise I guess you have to learn Smalltalk. :~)

you could simulqate the dissappearing text bug :slight_smile:

It's Squeak's VerdanaBoldNarrowSpacing 10 StrikeFont.

I'm pretty sure that particular font is pretty much only in Squeak.

What's that?

i mean there is a meme to not display any text on your blocks

Lots of hits searching for "Verdana Bold." I'm pretty sure "narrow spacing" just means leaving out a column of space between characters but anyway I'm sure the Internet will tell you for sure.

Sure, Verdana even comes by default on Windows, but I'm talking about that particular exact pixel font.

Do you think the Squeak people went to the trouble of designing their own font? I'm pretty sure it's just regular old Verdana with the knobs set the right way.

Yeah, but the problem is that I don't know exactly what that right way was.

I expect it'd be easier to experiment with that than to enter bitmaps by hand. But it's your project.