"download script" feature

@bh Is the shift+right-click download script thing removed? I have used it once on my main account @mr_owlssssnap but it has been a week and I still can't post.

please create a new topic instead of hijacking this one.

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He just said

So he's using this brand new account that doesn't yet have a new-topic button. :~)

oh... I thought new users could make new topics.

I don't have that...

@ego-lay_atman-bay HAHAHAHA

yeah, i hope that is allowed, i am still new to snap so I don't know.

No, it's still there.

I can't embed media items so I can't show you :frowning:

Ok, but can you explain to me why on my main, the first post i made I got a message saying it was under review, but on this account its not? All I said was "Oof, dang bro". Can you sort that out for me?

I imagine someone flagged it.

Welp, if this the life I have to live, so be it.

This is the solution.
Mouse: shift+right-click
Track-pad: shift+right part of the pad
Chromebook: alt+shift+click.
I am on a Chromebook, so this was different for me.

Or shift+two-finger tap

well, yeah.
Also your MS-DOS simulator is really cool. Do you mind if I use some of your custom blocks for my game?



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