Bye Ya'll

yes im southern stfu



Thanks for everything, you have all been so supportive from the moment I made my very first post

to my very last (for now, anyways)

I will miss you all, and I will be eagerly waiting to get my Chromebook back next year.
But for now, this post I made will have a bunch of sections, so enjoy <3

Why am I Leaving?

Tomorrow (2022-05-16T05:00:00Z), I will be turning in my chromebook. @oofpaste249 will be doing the same I think but on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? I don't know.

Special Thanks

Here are all of the people I would like to thank...

  • Jens
    "Why in the world are you thanking him?" you might be wondering, but honestly, he's not that bad of a guy. Plus, being IP banned isnt too bad. Now, if I couldnt use the Snap! editor, then I would be screaming.

  • Bh
    First, he's been supporting me since the very beginning
    I was a new Snapper (still sounds wrong to say/type lmao) and I hijacked a topic because I couldn't create a new one (you new generations have it easy, you dont have to wait)
    Ego-Lay_Atman-Bay: please create a new topic instead of hijacking this one.
    Bh: He just said "but it has been a week and I still can't post" So he's using this brand new account that doesn't yet have a new-topic button. :~)
    I can say a bunch of things about everyone, but I'm not :)

  • Joecooldoo
    Joecooldoo has made a bunch of cool & inspiring projects, like his MS-DOS Simulator, which inspired my S-OS (Snap!-OS). He has also always let me use his blocks and stuff, so thanks for that :D

  • Ego-Lay_Atman-Bay
    Which, when deciphered, means Lego-Batman_ay-ay or something. They have been a big help on some of my projects. Overall, they're just a cool person in general.

  • Warped_Wart_Wars & Helicoptur
    Both have been big helps and have cool projects :D

  • Cameron8299
    Cool projects messing with Snap! that I use. Cameron is a cool guy, who makes cool projects. Thanks for everything <3

  • Slate_Technologies
    Really good programming friend plus cool projects and stuff

  • Sladescar
    Another really good programming friend. They're also really supportive and helpful

  • Earthrulerr
    Earth is a really good guy to talk to. Really supportive, helpful, nice, etc.

  • Oskar_Robinson
    RIP. I loved helping Oskar on his projects, but since he's gone, well... Might as well add him here.

best friend
I'm not going to go on because the list is too long but, sladescar, slate_technologies, and earthrulerr (and more) I'm thankful for also.

When Will I be Back?

2022-08-13T05:00:00Z is a rough estimate of when I will be back.

Finally :DD

I am going to miss all of you and all of Snap!. You have all been really supportive.
Although, I would REALLY liked to be unIP banned lol.
If there is anything you think I missed, reply with it.

It's Pig Latin.

oh true

It's actually Lego-Batman (no ay)

Thanks. You're also a cool person.

thx <3

wow i am truly honored :)) thank you friend

Yes, although technically it's "lego_batman".

Yeah, technically it's just lego batman since I just used an underscore because I couldn't use space

That just reminded me--were you here before usernames were lowercased? If so, was your username any different then?


southern v best

Bye! Why do you have to turn in your chromebook?

Sad to see you go.

(... your account isn't linked to your Chromebook, though. Just go to a public library and log on from there... most public libraries have computers, don't they?)

Yes I think all do.

Its for school.

true. I'll try


no problem :D

@here I MIGHT be here in the afternoon, but that will be the last time for now...

I don't know if you will read this, but why do you have a network if you don't have a device?
I hope you can get another device, (pi, or a cheap laptop) somehow. See you (not literally) in august.