Don't make the system close the topic after 100 replies

It's annoying that after 100 posts the system takes over the topic and you can't edit the first post.
Can you make it not do this?

Agreed kind of but it is also good for the servers probably.

You can still post on the topic the system makes. In fact, it takes up more space because the system makes a post.

They added that for a reason. I think it might've had to do with topics getting too long.

What's the problem with having a long topic?

I believe it slows things down. I know that's true on the Scratch forum; I learned it when the BYOB3 thread had 400 messages, so I started a new one by hand. :~)

I think it wouldn't be super slow if the forum was paginated (and if the forum didn't load all pages to just display one page like the Scratch forums), but that's another topic entirely.

Yeah, @bh why don't you do something like this?

Cycomachead is the one you should be recommending your ideas to.


Not really anyone in particulars, we all work on the forum. I don’t actually know why it was set to 100.

I changed the limit to 250.


it doesn't. If you scroll down/up in a long thread, it actually loads a bunch of posts and when they get too far off screen, I think they unload. I'm no expert on discourse, so idk.

It's not the Snap! devs who make @system close the topic(s) after 100 replies rather it's more of the forum service (Discourse) who make @system do that.

@bh @system doesn't really close the topic after a max 100 replies. Sometimes @system would close the topic after 101+ replies.


you can see, the snap devs can change the limit.

Oh. Well, what I meant is that @system is NOT made by the Snap! devs, rather, when they purchased Discourse's services @system came pre-made for it. Think of it as like a Discord bot.

Discourse is a free, open source forum software, so they didn't purchase anything.

I wouldn't exactly say pre-made, but yeah, you're right then.

When I click on the button to get it, it gives me purchase options.

but at the bottom of the page there's a link to the github page, GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple. so I think the payment options are for them to host your forum on their servers.