Dark mode option for the community site?

There isn't much to say. Title is self-explanatory.

Oh you said community site, not forum. Yes, I agree, we need that. Meanwhile add the High Contrast extension to Chrome... it's a lifesaver.

PLEASE MY EYES HURT support cuz it sometimes hurts my eyes

(From the moana song)

you can turn down the brightness of your computer by pressing the sun icon on the keyboard

But i know what u mean. Ok.

Dark reader chrome extension/ (assumingly) all browsers built using chromium(i think)

Yes but it's not the same

Not firefox or netscape navigator. Also, there are some browsers other than firefox built with firefox, such as ice weasel or tor browser. However, dark reader for firefox exists, and it works on all derivatives of firefox. (I assume that if you are installing extensions for tor browser you know what you are doing)

EDIT: I forgot about internet explorer.

support! (for all reasons here)

how did you know i have a chromebook?

cuz i also have a chromebook :smiley: :smiley: :computer: :+1:

I am working on a theme styled extension for snap called SnapFox (SnapFirefox) (Only firefox i dont want to pay to put it up on the chrome extension store.) This thread gave me and idea to work on adding a dark theme for snap!. I will work on it soon :grinning:

Just got the BETA dark mode up

Install SnapFox

I have a mac with a small sun and bug sun to change the brightness

(ɹǝʞɹɐp ǝlʇʇıl ɐ)
(maybe a brightness setting!)
And thank u. But why dont j just maje a CRX file and share it with us? That way, u dont have to pay to put it on the store

I think its fine to have a dark mode for forums,but i'm mixed about main snap having a dark mode

No, I mean an OPTION to have dark mode. You don't HAVE to have dark mode on. So if you like the regular look of main Snap! more, you can just not have it on.

yeah i knew that.that's what i'm mixed about

What's bad about having the option for dark mode?