Custom Blocks

Sorry for not posting in a while, never saw anything I needed to reply on and I have been spending time on other stuff.

Here is the project: Custom Blocks

No JS is needed. Enjoy! Just as I say I couldn’t find anything to reply to I find 3 topics;~;

untitled script pic
Did you mean ELSE IF?

ah yes thanks (fixed)

untitled script pic (72)
This is just redundant. It wouldn't be redundant if it gave a decimal when Bignums are on, though.

I could add big num

the blocks look best with 85% faded blocks tbh
also thanks for the blocks!

Also for the "else if" blocks, please make it so that we can add more "else if" blocks if we want.

I could probably do that

That's a tricky thing you're asking for! We do it in the "multi-branched conditional" library, using a brilliant idea invented by the famous and brilliant nXIII, who's now an adult so you're allowed to know his name, which is Nathan Dinsmore.

Bh you changed your pfp?
Or is it just that I have dark mode on now.

I remember MIT App Inventor having this.

you mean this?

Yep. That's it, siree!

I don't have a code, what do I do?

You could probably get an Iphone or Android device and download the MIT App Inventor Emulator. Then you can open the app while pressing "Scan QR Code" on your computer, and then you can use the Iphone or Android device to scan the QR code.

ok thanks

Oh, it's easy enough to implement as a primitive. But doing it in user code requires input groups (namely, a group containing the title text ELSE IF, then a Boolean input, then a C-slot). Or else using Nathan's trick of putting the input group in a predicate helper procedure.

I do that once in a while.

oh cool

also do you like it when people on the forums call you Brian?
Or do you prefer Bh?