Custom blocks (Part 2)

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@earthrulerr did you even see what I posted?

Yes I did but what is the point of putting the <p> tags there and yes I understood it ruins images and stuff. The reason is because the tag is for text not images.

I did not expect that kind of reply from you.

Anyways, you don't actually need <p> tags for scratchblocks:

@</span>addInput :: #</a>ff00ff

@addInput :: #ff00ff

Hello, everyone! Sorry for bumping this clearly dead topic, I just wanted to say does any of you have any idea on how to make a block that detects how many days since a certain date (e.g. days since January 8th, 2012)

maybe something in @scratchmodification project will help you

It's more on hiatus.

I might be able to do that.

hello, can any of you make this block support titles on submenus and values other than text, lists (they create submenus) or objects?
untitled script pic
untitled script pic (1)