Custom blocks (Part 1)

I decided to make a topic for my custom block pack!
You can request blocks here or give feedback by replying to the topic.

can you change "any" in the all but () of () block to "random"?
also, I like the gradient block a lot!

After few seconds in a loop or browser tab switching
Custom blocks script pic (2) :smiley:

This way,
untitled script pic (85)
the delay between two consecutive Snap! processing frames is measured. So it shows how many non-warped loop iterations are executed per second.

you should remove the error when notifications are blocked because it could ruin code. People don't want to check if there's an error every time they run that block.

also, you should change

in the glide secs to block to

this way, no matter what size stage you have, it'll work.

you can also change
Custom blocks script pic (2)
Custom blocks script pic (3)

also, just saying, if you have no way of creating zipped folders, then there is no need to put in the options to save a file as .sb2 or .sb3

just saying there's no need to use javascript to create a costume filled with a color, you can easily do it in snap

note: the color input is a list input, if you want, you can write a javascript function to turn a color picker input into a list.

edit: this one is faster

apparently there needs to be at least two items in a list to create a 1x1 costume

and yes, I know my new costume block does take longer than the js one.

Why are you using let (x) be () instead of script variables (x)?

Because it's easier


Edit: It's reporting 100-300 every once in a while, is that supposed to happen?


Thanks! I worked hard on it.

I can never remember things like that! I'll fix it

That block wasn't originally created by me (I just changed it, like a LOT), and .sb3 .sb2 was one of the options "suggestions" in the first iteration of the block, so I decided to use it in the dropdown. I never really thought about it. I'll remove that (and any other useless options)
Edit: I found the first version of the block and what it looked like:
Edit 2:

Wow, thanks!


Does anyone have ideas for blocks I could add?

this could be hard, but a block that returns a color's name (e.g. if the user inputs a red color, the block reports red)

But you can't put anything in the color input slots, so it would be pretty much worthless in finalized compiling and running of code, not to mention it takes a special javascript color object
If you're talking about the first-class colors, I'm not including them in my project because I think they count as library blocks, and I'm not going to put in library blocks unless they're required for functioning of another block


you can use the color blocks in my custom blocks project

Eh. I don't see much use for it or the other color blocks

but can you try to make it? I need it for a drawing project :slight_smile:

Okay but i'm not adding it to my custom blocks project.

I added it as an option for the "_ of color _" block:

Note: it only takes exact matches.

I see. maybe you can get data from