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database has to do with browser data, browser data and cookies are different

do you?

i think @spacer would want something like this, where the radius of the circle is the input
the center of the circle would be the origin point (its corner of the circle) plus r taxicab distance to the direction of the center of the rectangle. and the radius of the circle is obviously r

do you see any code same of
ree mode
and this?

image from
this is called web storage and it says its better than cookies

...yeah, that's what the database library does...

also this has the same code of

Screenshot 2021-05-07 123618
image from

you asked me to make getters and setters for cookies. that project has getters and setters for cookies.

ok then, i think its possible to make my own right?

yea, probably, but then why did you ask for them? helped me with a lot of coding,

good for you.


ok i finished the project of cookies, i could not do web storage because its too complicated
here is the link click here

I think local storage is easier because it has easy methods:

localStorage.setItem("key", "value");

but for cookies (which may have expiration dates), they are stored in a single string and are more complicated to remove or access.

hey @helicoptur?

ok, but you said

and @pumpkinhead said

i know how to make a block to make a circle, not a square with curved corners
which is it

the curved corner is a section of a circle

it was easy to do cookies, but thanks for some of the JS code, i wish w3schools had more code in it

MDN is another good resource.

no it was not me i made a script pic of someone's block