Sound Editor in Snap (Part 6)

Continuing the discussion from Sound Editor in Snap (Part 5) - #136 by helicoptur.

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here's the xml file for the finished project:
save this to your account with the title "Snap! Audio Editor" and publish it
you can change the project notes if you want, but it must include at least:

  • how to get help in the project
  • project takes a long time to load and explanation on why (a lot of scripts)
  • project works better in editor and explanation on why (dialog boxes mess up)
  • credits

I didn't actually try this project until Bernat pointed it out to me. It's fantastic!

The project notes say "This project was a collaboration by me, @joecooldoo, and @helicoptur" but it's under helicoptur's username. I take it @spacer is the third person?

It's kind of unfortunate that it relies so much on JS code to put up dialog boxes. This tells me we need an official library for that. But first please explain to me in more detail why it only works in the editor.

Anyway, great job! I confess I'd been thinking all these collabs were all talk no action, but I guess I was wrong.

Edit: But I have to say this level of code nesting is terrifying:

Never mind what it does, just look at the fifteen bands of color at the top left (Variables, ring, Other, ring, Control, ring, Variables, ring, Control, Lists, ring, Lists, light Lists, Control, Lists)!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to review our project! Me and spacer haven't released our versions yet, and I would also like to know what stuff wasn't working when you weren't in the editor?
One of our goals was to make it so you don't have to use the editor.
EDIT: this project wouldn't have looked this good if it weren't for helicoptur. He did designs, code, and JavaScript. I did a lot of testing and bug fixing, and spacer is our gracious leader.

That is our selecting script, no doubt. Its job is to get positions in the song and make only edits to that area. Helicoptur was so exited when he finished the code! And also, the scripts are so massive in that sprite, it makes the project take more time to load.

Here is my revision:!%20Audio%20Editor

Is there any way to rename projects? I rename my projects every once in a while while something gets developed.

Snap! dialog boxes (or at least the custom ones @dardoro made) don't display their body text on the project page. I don't know why. I guess if you know all the buttons and what they do/how do use them, you could use it in the project page, though.

yesnt but with extra yes and no "nt"

Not at present, other than save-as and then delete the old one. Someday.

As we speak, Bernat is writing a project that makes dialog boxes entirely in Snap! code. (This was the only good result of an otherwise quite unpleasant argument among the staff about whether it's okay to Feature a project that uses JS code.)

I'll look at it, but not today, too much else to do.

we've been featured

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