Creation of New Palettes

I love the idea of enabling users to create categories of palettes. Before we invest a lot of effort in creating new categories for specific projects, I just wanted to check to make sure that this is not an experimental or temporary feature. (I noticed that the link to Snap! now indicates "Snap! 7 - dev".)

Is the "Palette Feature" likely to be permanent from this point forward?

Thanks ... and congratulations on the visionary thinking that has gone into the next iteration.

This may also be related to the new version: I exported some blocks from a previous project and attempted to load them into a new project. This generated an error message: "Load failed: Module uses newer version of Serializer."


Is this related to incompatibility between Versions 6 & 7? How can I make sure that the "Export Blocks" and "Import Blocks" functions are aligned?

Just tried to export and load blocks again, this time with success. So the "Load failed" error was evidently a one-time anomaly.

Thanks. The normal version (6.9) being replaced by the dev 7.0 was a mistake, now fixed.

There will be a way to add categories. We're not promising to stick with the exact details of the way you've seen. (For example, it's not altogether settled whether the tab above the palette will be full width or half width.)

About loading new projects, if you add "&devVersion=true" to a project's URL it'll load in the dev version.

About exporting and importing blocks, clearly if the block you export uses a 7.0-only feature, it won't work in 6.9.

7.0 XML has a header, that blocks import into 6.x

<blocks app="Snap! 7dev," version="2">

When I press "Run Snap!" on the forums, It links to 7.0

I think we fixed that. Try hard-refreshing (shift-reload).

Nope, still linking to Snap! 7.

Just tried the Home Page link out on my machine and it links to standard Snap not Snap7

[edit - also the forum link works fine as well)

Discourse uses very aggressive caching with service workers. In Chrome, you can unregister "service-worker.js" in Debuger>Application tab.
For other browser you may search for service workers forced reload.

I know the problem. It is linking to Snap! 6, but the page
is Snap! 7 - dev -

I got the same result you did (right Snap!, wrong title) until I shift-clicked the refresh button. Turns out titles are cached separately from the data. Who knew? :~)

It still takes you to 7 lol. When you click it it takes you to 7 for .5 seconds then goes to 6.9.

No, I don't believe that's possible. Please clear your browser cache and try again.

It is still taking me to some other page for a very short time then taking me to 6.9

I can't seem to get that to work.

Huh. Maybe it works only when embedded?

snap! 7 :smiley: