Crλckεd 2.0! (All planned features added!) snap, inside snap!

This is an early version of Crλckεd, it’s basically snap inside snap but it’s all created programitcally! It could be turned into a single script but then it wouldn’t be very user friendly.

Change log
0.2: you can go back after selecting a category for a block

0.5: you can put reporters inside of slots

0.9: you can use variables, create variables, and manipulate the stack

1.0: added (beta) custom blocks

1.1: you can make lists

1.7: you can put multiple blocks inside of rings

1.9: you can put anything inside drop downs

2.0: you can use c inputs meaning all planned features have been finished!

The thing I’m working on next is literally just creating the logic branches for blocks, let alone making it functional

I was thinking "this is Scratch in Snap!, not Snap! in Snap! " until I noticed that you have rings, even if not fully implemented. But you have to have custom blocks! "Build Your Own Blocks" is what we're all about. :~)

PS How am I supposed to edit a script? By running things like
Cracked script pic
? Also, when I run it, it keeps adding zeros to CODE, because of the REPEAT UNTIL (START RUN). And then it dies when I try to run it, because 0 isn't a procedure.

That's a bad idea, since some stuff can get modified or removed, making your project break.

Yes but it’s a pain to use the 8.0 editor on mobile

It is tested and works fully in the 8.0 editor tho

whats different about 9.0 for mobile editing?

It’s a very early test version so it’s not really very functional
I have a whole list of limitations that should explain these

Custom blocks would need to come after all their dependencies
(Script variables and variables)

This would likely require a code rewrite

The arrows for dropdowns and vardradic inputs are much larger, as well as having better hit detection

It used to take me a long time to hit those arrows but now it’s a lot easier

It’s also more stable and crashes less for me, scrolling is a lot better
Most buttons in general are larger it’s just a better experience all around
I build in that editor but make sure all the code is backwards compatible

Hey, I'm working on a block drawing system, when its done you can use it if you want


I’m gonna try my best to make a branching ask function

This is probably gonna need JavaScript but I need a way to get the variables that are currently useable

I think I have an idea?

Okay, the 0 bug is now fixed

It doesn't look the best, and there are several bugs:


This is going to take a while...

If you wanna colab reach out

If you get it any better lmk but i think representing the blocks as themselves might be better

Do you want to help?

Yea actually, need a way to detect script variables

You should now be able to put reporters into inputs, variables are currently a work in progress however

I added a new menu!

Now you can choose to add a block, make a variable, or edit the stack!

Here’s the full list of features since the initial release version (0.1)
You can put reporters inside of block inputs
You can make variables
You can use variables inside inputs
You can delete specific blocks inside of the stack
You can replace specific items inside of the stack
You can go back inside of menus

What’s next:
Multiple blocks inside of rings
Custom blocks
Your suggestions!

I need something somewhat simple actually @joecooldoo do you think you could make a way to make a list and report it by just using the ask blocks? It would help a ton!