Crλckεd 2.0! (All planned features added!) snap, inside snap!

Custom blocks are added in an extremely primitive state, you cannot use inputs inside them as script variables cannot be detected yet
But they work mostly

They are part of a script off to the left rn I’ll add them soon

Added to main branch of options

List have been added and you can type custom values into drop downs!

You can input things into c blocks meaning that all planned features have been added!!

Version 2.0 released!

If anyone has suggestions I can add them!

How do I change the number of slots in a variadic input? E.g. (LIST A B C)

What context are you talking about?
Like normal vardric blocks or custom blocks
Currently vardradic inputs in custom blocks can be done by selecting “list” when it asks “what should go here”

It was the LIST block that I tried.

Ah, you shouldn’t use the list block that’s why
There’s a built in “create list” feature
That’s the next thing I plan on doing, removing blocks from being able to be selected if they cannot be used in that context

Added kinda, I’m yet to test every block so no specific blocks are excluded. But you can’t put reporter blocks as stack blocks or vice versa

Could you explain further, please?

Don’t worry about it I figured it out

I don’t see how that’s relevant

its also an graphiocal editor,its just not based of scratch

Yes but it’s not relevant to this
This topic is exclusively about cracked, and things that relate to it like updates or functions like joecooldoo asking if their block renderer could be used

While it is another language made in snap it’s not even really block based
If you know of any other languages that are coded similarly to this

Because of how advanced snap is, you don’t need to manually rewrite all the code for snap. you just need to create a servant program that preforms the functions of snap programmatically.

This is actually somewhat simple, but the main issue arises with user interface.
Cracked’s foundation is entirely built off of the ask blocks. Every single thing you can do inside of cracked is a branch of ask.
This is why making things like separate scripts is so difficult, it’s hard to figure out what you are actually trying to do

The thing that’s special about cracked is that it could in theory all be made inside of just a single script, but for mobile compatibility (what I code on) multiple sprites are needed, actually I think I can work around this hold on.
Here’s micro crack, a version of cracked that uses only one* script!
It uses custom block definitions, but I should be able to make it not need those
I don’t see much of a need to do that as it’s still only a single script really, it would be a waste of memory to do that