Copperfield (minecraft clone) development

now copperfield have a soundtrack menu (and an easter egg in game)

Please add support for WASD controls


It is too laggy, everything is flashing and not rendering properly - it take about 20 frames to render, so I can see hardly anything.

It lags my browser too

lags were due to stamped transparent air textures, I think I solved the problem by not generating them anymore

Ah, cool!

now there is mountain and sea

how do you turn off auto-jump

okkey, just press j

The inventory isnt showing and its not letting me break blocks
Is there a hotkey to show/hide ui

This takes a long time to load, so optimization would be useful

It's funny, it took less long to load before that screen was added
Also welcome to the forums!

tu es rendu à environ combien de temps de développement?
how much development time are you at?

1 semaine grand max XD

Wow, c'est plus long à charger qu'à programmer hahaha

100 ans plus tard ...
toujours en cours de chargement ;w;

Je suis d'accord. C'est pourquoi @gego devrait utiliser quelque chose appelé JavaScript et PIXI.JS
Cela plante tout mon ordinateur

If he uses JS in a Snap! project then it's not really a Snap! project anymore.

Look his project crashes the entire snap site and plus, javascript is required for simplex-noise anyways for constant but random terrian generation
You need to add a script into the page