Conways game of life, with a twist!

I made conways game of life but I added a little twist, every function that it runs is also it’s own custom block to make modifications easy, as well as having blueprints and easy to make custom rulesets!
I also made a few general list blocks that could be useful in almost any project that involves lists, everything is fully documented in the help menu of each block as well!
The only issue is that it’s a little slow to run and to accommodate custom rule sets I can’t only look at tiles that are active to speed it up. But still Check it out! I worked pretty hard on this!

Update 1: added an estimated frame per minute counter that updates every time the game permutates, expanded documentation, added more explanation, added new useful list blocks onto main stage, added documentation for list blocks

update 2: (main release) added a display, added custom rulesets, added key bindings, added blueprints, added a way to place and setup the game without using internal blocks, fixed game to work properly, VASTLY improved documentation. every block is now fully documented and gives helpful information, vasly improved instructions, reorganized code, added tons of comments. first major release version

update 3: (minor update) fixed w key, removed orphaned blocks, you can press x to clear the board, resizing with arrow keys isn't buggy anymore, fixed issues with the display not updating in some situations

For some reason my unteather command is still keeping the list linked despite identical to saying otherwise, if I remove the last set block from permutate then it works the same as with the set board to new life meaning the list stays linked

this is really cool but for people who have no idea how to make conways game of life you should have an example game that runs

I would but as stated previously the list is linked

I’ll explain why this is an issue in a second


The way permutate works is by storing the current broad in a new variable then taking the xy cord of each tile in and seeing every tile surrounding it on the CURRENT BOARD (not the new variable) then running conways rules on the copied bord

Without this it is replacing each item as it goes as well as referencing the now replaced items that it just did and referencing those

It’s hard to create an example for this but I’ll try and do it

I find these boards fascinating but I am confused how I can edit certain items on them

Look at this pattern
In normal life, the next permutation is this
But in my version it gives this because of the list linking

Use the provided blocks

ok thanks

But it doesn’t work like Normal life because of that issue

oh that kinda sucks but I think I can use this table thing on my ai so it can have multiple answers to the same question

Uh that’s not even close to what this is for and it would be much harder to use any of these blocks as opposed to just using the normal ones

ok but I kinda want to try a challenge

When I say way harder what I ment was like why on earth would you do that, these are only for games/tools that don’t use lists as lists of data in the traditional sense

Some of the blocks might seem useful but they are specifically built for this project and will likely not work otherwise

I edited them to work

by the way, the Conways game of life script pic (1) block is unnecessary because there is already a primitive for it:
Conways game of life script pic

(unless im misunderstanding the point of the block)

I didn’t know that was how that works but I doubt that will make much of a difference, the issue of it still being linked for some reason remains unless that does make some difference

actually i replaced the definition of UNTETHER to use ID OF and it works!

It doesn’t create much of a difference though as again the link still persists