Conways game of life, with a twist!

try it

I managed to fix it by (and I have no idea why) double untethering it the list


Normal life works now!

I made a block here that turns a board into a costume

I don’t see it

snap Conways game of life i think it works now script pic

Oh lol I thought it was costumes as the inputs

This will now be the renderer that will be used and I’ll even do a little something

snap Conways game of life i think it works now script pic
First class color!

Added a border and automatic permutation

this is so cool

i think your next priority should be speed

i don't understand
dont most conways game of life projects run off lists?
here's mine:

i didnt do any reasearch ahead of time and using sprites seemed like the most straight foreward approch to me. i should probobly change the twist to be the ease of writing custom rulesets and the way the functions work

custom rulesets are added! use the documentation in project to make your own!

update 2 is here!!
added a display, added custom rulesets, added key bindings, added blueprints, added a way to place and setup the game without using internal blocks, fixed game to work properly, VASTLY improved documentation. every block is now fully documented and gives helpful information, vasly improved instructions, reorganized code, added tons of comments. first major release version!

I still don't understand.
What makes this different from other GOLs?

custom rulesets and blueprints as well as the fact you can use alot of the blocks outside of this context

you know how they added a new library for tiles? yeah i have enough experience of snap to be able to take your conway list thing and give it graphic with clones but i dont wanna rn.

oh wait nvm you already did sorry abt that

i dont know what the tiles library does, id love to know tho! do you have any idea as to how it works?

also clones are not ideal as its already slow

oh yeah kinda forgot about slow clones

the library is like uhh

you can put a X and a Y

then it divides the stage into X*Y squares (no clones, just positions) and goes to each position

that explanation was bad

it's easier exemplar then elucidation but i dont got the time

go see the library yourself

it's exactly where you would expect