Convert GIF to SVG

I made a project in Snap! that converts a GIF into an animated SVG!

here it is!


To use the project, you'll first have to convert your GIF to a bunch of PNGs. you can do that here. once you have the split GIF, drag all the frames onto the Snap! window to import them as costumes. (they might need to be sorted, so either sort them into order manually, or, if you used ezgif to split the GIF, you can use the gif to svg script pic (2) block) Then you have to enable Javascript extensions so the project can get the data urls for each frame.

Now you can start converting!
adjust the settings (global variables except foo), then run the gif to svg script pic block. This will download a text file, but if you rename it and convert the extension to .svg, it should turn into your output svg file. EDIT: the project now downloads an svg directly

If you need help with anything just reply to this post.


Original GIF:

Converted to SVG:
animated SVG|0x0
(Why doesn't this work in the Forums?)

(Currently this produces very large files, so I'd appreciate any help making them smaller)

Always nice to see such projects :slight_smile:

You might be interested in this project that I did a few years ago if you want to make it all work within Snap!

The project now downloads the file as a .svg instead of as text