`continue all ▶️` block exist?

I see a lot of: image

But none of: image

Does it exist? If not, then this is a feature request. This block can be useful for after you use the image, to restart all of the scripts.

Not a primitive :frowning:

wdym by "primitive"?

Ok, so at least there's a custom block of it, but it isn't actually a block that appears without making a new block?


That's kinda sad.

If the project is paused, no blocks are run. If the project runs the continue all block, that means it isn't paused, so the continue all block would have no effect. The block would make sense if there was a way to pause some threads while keeping others running.

My prototype project has the block, but the language is spanish.
This is the block:
Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-01 a la(s) 13.36.30
This block in the english translation has the name of "resume or continue all",
but the original block is "reanudar todos"
Note: This block is the counterpart of the "pause all" block.
Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-01 a la(s)13.36.13
If you take a help, please talk with me. UwU :wink:


Ok, but my block has almost different Oracle JavaScript code than yours:
My Oracle JavaScript code:

var ide = world.children[0];

I tested my code and really works, please copy the code and test.
@helicoptur's Oracle JavaScript code:

function (proc) {
proc.isPaused = false;

Hmmm... I tested the code now but "not works?" :disappointed:

What is oracle javascript? What makes this different from regular javascript (aside from the Snap! API)?
And yes, the code is different. But it shouldn't matter to refresh the pause button, because if the user hits it themselves, it will pause every script, including the one with the unpause block.
Also, my project has pause all but this script and pause this script blocks.

JavaScript is a programming language made by Oracle, not Java. Ok? :neutral_face:

Why did you need to say oracle javascript instead of just javascript?

Please go to the my second post in this forum.

Javascript and java are different sounding enough that they should be easy to distinguish. You don't need to say oracle javascript, just javascript. It's like saying Sans Undertale instead of just Sans.
(Also, I'm pretty sure Java is also owned by Oracle, so.)
(Also, this is the second post in this forum.)

No the second post of this forum, is my second post, my second post is about the 2 codes. Please copy my code and test with your code, please. :pleading_face:

I updated my code to what yours is (but a tiny bit different).

It's not. You need to specify that you mean your second post. Not the second post.

Please send me the picture result of the codes


Why do I need to take a picture of the codes?

Ok, you have the correct result of my code or not? :expressionless:
Also your code is running correctly or not? :expressionless: