Pause all but this script and unpause all

I made pause all but this script and unpause all blocks!

wow! just the blocks I have been wanting for a long time! (but for some reason bh does not understand them)

nice! I like the unpause block.

me too! I would really like it if this block actually got into the editor. :slight_smile:

shouldn't the icon on the unpause block be $pointRight-1-255-220-0 ?

Oh yeah, that's a good idea. Thanks.

you're welcome!

I think that's the point of something sometimes(aka don't bump up old topics)

We should stop getting off topic before Bh gets mad at us

i wanna say its not a bot but then again we should get back on topic

Well. I have been noticed. Guess I'll post what I've typed.

This topic:

Cool custom blocks:

(Why does cool custom blocks have that but this topic doesn't?)

(settings to enable on forum) Preferences > Interface > Other > Enable defer to mark topics unread

.-.He really doesn't care about inactive topics

oi vey... @bh or @bromagosa could you guys explain why bumping up posts aren't good ideas

Ok lets stop the flamewar before the mods get mad

wait why is everything deleted
oh wait nevermind