Constantly updating lists condensed into one variable

So here is my idea:

If there were cloud variables on snap, I think you could make something like a cloud LIST. You could have different values to represent different content people to put in the list. Different lists can be different categories of content. Lets say maybe you could put together a little tune with the song maker. The notes used could be converted into a little code and be put in a list. There can be a little input at the bottom of the screen and have them enter the item of the list they want to see. Then lets say someone made a tune, i can make a function where it can convert the code and play it as a short song(I might put a limit to how long an item of the list can be.)

Basically my idea is to make a mini internet, but the only problem is that there needs to be cloud variables. In fact, why isn't there cloud variables on snap?

They don't have the storage space to add them. Also, it's much harder to make it not be abused than you think. If you want cloud variables, many users have created their own, which you can setup to use in your projects.

(this one does have a tutorial in th replies)

My version hasn't been updated to the extensions format, and firebase is probably not a good tool for cloud variables anyways. Repl, linode, or a self hosted server (and static IP) are all possible alternatives, although websockets will require javascript extensions.

Ok i can see that. If it is an extension that would be great.

I just noticed on one of the projects that they already made lists so that helps

Putting lists in cloud variables is also super easy, because there's a built in function to get the json of a list (list as text), and vice versa.

Ok I am really close to making something like a chat room. It is not showing any errors except when I only put in one letter, but that isn't very important.

The big problem is that when a sentence or word is put into Unicode, the interpreter see's it as a list. So I have is cycle through character by character as you see.

When I run it, it only shows it as a box as if it is an unsupported character. What is going wrong?

(I am using a fanmade cloud variable btw)

the hub is a list i am using for the chat interface thingy

just so you know, chat projects are actually banned, all because the snap team can't moderate all the chat room projects.

(this also applies to chat projects)

It is fine if you leave the project unshared, but it might become a problem if you share it.

ok then thanks

Is that true? I thought it was kinda a soft ban; like if you have only whitelisted phrases or a super awesome blacklist, it’s like somewhat okay. Not 100% above the law, but really, what is?

pretty sure a whitelist would be ok, but maybe not just a blacklist.

Or safe listed words.
Also, each message would have to be check both ends of the conversation.

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