Constant primitive

Why do I have to use JS extensions to access pi?? Why can't I just have a primitive containing it?

theres the pi block in the animation library, if i remember correctly

There is actually a PI block in the animation library and the audio comp library, although this is the definition.

Wait, pi is a number, so why is it in the animation and audio comp libraries?

It's to make it more clear that that number is PI. The javascript constant is also just a number. The reason it's in those libraries, is because they use functions that use PI.

Ah, ok. Thanks.

This is a topic explaining how you can make a pi custom block without the rest of the animation library if your'e interested.

Also, pi is approximately equal to 22 over 7.

Yeah, and the last 2 posts of that topic are mine.

Or you could just make a block that reports 3.141592653589793

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