Concepts for Snap! (REVISITED)

If you saw my forum post last year, It was about ideas for snap but ive got better ideas for people.
Last time i said this, What if snap had favourite projects,Followers, People That You Are Following ,Comments & Profile Pictures but i have better ideas.

First of all, The profile page, In scratch you have four options, Profile, My Stuff, Log Out & Account Settings. What annoys me about snap is there version of this, Its quite hard to find your public page a little bit so add that in the top.

  1. A profile picture is quite common in media, Including here but there one in the default website so obviously , Profile pictures

  2. Not really for the website but Snap! Addons, Again scratch has it so why not snap have it, Will almost have the same option as what scratch addons has, But with a 2.0 editor

  3. And if you want you can have a idea

That really just comes down to someone actually making it. Snap Fox actually started work on adding addons, but it doesn't really work that well, and we still have to find a good way to modify functions without breaking things.

Is there a team?

No, it's pretty much just @danielthebanana4 (or daniel4scratch)

We actually have an official Snap! Extension mechanism.

Well, these are basically userscripts that add more functionality to the snap editor. That's what scratch addons is (but for scratch).

You do? Do you have any documentation on it?

Yeah, a bit. Look in the documentation folder in the Snap! repo.


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