Snap! Profile Conpect

woah, is this actually emulating a gameboy?



look at this project

edit: I see you favorited and loved it lol

I'm making a similar language but for sprites that I am testing in an os-type project I am making.

Actually, I'm not very good at JavaScript (But I am good at Python, and adding help screens to Snap! are easy to do). I consider myself an average coder.


“We’re not allowed to swear”

this is old.
Don't necropost.

I don't think it's a necropost though...
It's more of a suggestion or something like that.

It was only an 11 day gap. That's not like posting to a months-old topic.

Did you mean to reply to me?

Yeah, sorry.

it's fine...

you said yourself

plz watch ur language.

[offtopic] bh exposed [/offtopic]


Yeah, sorry, I was trying to be really emphatic.

But if you don't think a post is appropriate, just flag it! No need to comment about it.

No it’s fine, just funny.

Alright can we close this now