:zipper_mouth_face:I feel like I have no mouth, yet I must scream.
:left_speech_bubble:Nobody can hear me outside these forums.
:heavy_heart_exclamation:I need a way to compliment people on their projects.
:factory:I need a way to provide constructive criticism.
:speaking_head:A way to communicate with others. :+1::mechanical_arm:A way to co-create. :evergreen_tree:A way to live. :lambda:A way...
To comment.

Very poetic. :~) Nice shoutout to Harlan Ellison.

Anyway, yeah, yeah, we know. Coming.

I don't know who Harlan is. If they're the person who wrote "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" then I think that's basically been integrated into pop culture

Yup, that's who he is!