Comments on snap projects

I think it would be a cool idea to have comments on snap projects to see if it is good or not.

vote or reply if you agree or have feedback

Snap! doesn't want to become social media. Comments may come someday.

I understand about no likes/dislikes But we need comments!

You can use the #show-projects category to collect feedback. Boom. There's your solution.

Not everybody is on the forum.

Who cares though? There are still some people who are on the forum and can still give you feedback!

I think comments are better

Well, I do support your claim (a little).

But if there were comments on projects, then incoming people from Scratch who came from Snap would think they could have freedom to comment the same way they commented on Scratch.

Then people would make comments like "My projects are better" because (1) they wouldn't go to the forums because they wouldn't know about the forums, they would focus all their attention on the comments on Snap! and (2) they would have done that on Scratch when they saw a project that was way "worse" than theirs and when that bad project got more views than theirs (also known as JEALOUSY).

Yes, agreed.

There's a huge button that says "Forum" on the main page! If they miss that, it's their problem.

There's a forum on Scratch sticking out like a sore thumb. But people still tend to write comments rather than post on the forum.

Make Snap a social website? NO WAY.

The second Snap adds comments I'm leaving it forever until Snap deletes comments.


The second (time) Snap

I still dont understand

The second that Snap adds comments...


the second THAT snap adds comments...

Oh ok.

you can post a link to your forum post in the notes on the project.