Comments on readability VS complexity

There are a lot of really neat shortcuts I take in order to make things either run faster or just take far less time to write.
Here is an example

I was wondering what are your thoughts on doing things like this and should I instead focus on making this more readable to a decently learned audience?

Are you talking about the use of abstract data types such as "workspace" or "option list"? I'm all for that. To make it readable, attach a comment to the block that constructs one of those explaining what the fields mean. Or maybe just put them all in the project's notes.

By the way, in dealing with a long list of options, instead of making the user provide all or nothing, I like to define an option list to look like {"draw distance", 2000, "max steps", 800 ...} Then the user can provide an OPTIONS input of {"max steps", 200} and you change that one and keep the defaults for the others:

Yea, this is what I have so far:

Oh, yes, that's very nice. If it were me, I'd call the block "raycast options" so as to leave open the possibility of using the same trick elsewhere in the project.

Oh! and I just figured out what those "$-" entries in the title text are for! Brilliant.

Yea, it's sort of a trick using the text formatting stuff that allows me to put in a space even though it is not designed for that. It can also be used to make lines of text taller than normal by putting in a number after it

I should make you take over maintenance of the Reference Manual!

You should have seen my extended math library titles