I am making an Snap Mod I need ideas and maybe some snippets

What do you want to do with this new mod?

So this mod is meant to get from ideas are you familiar with the morphic API?

Are you?

No. But I can look it up!

I'm sorry. I have to work on a sales pitch. BRB



Tell me when you are back

Morphic.js also are you done yet?


Hello? Baritone?

Are you here?


This is not an instant messaging service, so please do not expect people to reply quickly. You may even go a day, or a week without getting replies. Also, keep in mind times are very different around the world, so someone could just be waking up, and another person could be going to sleep at the same time.

oh, and

Yeah but it’s not like I am posting my birthday

And location but I understand

Also do you know JavaScript?

Do you know javascript?