Coding jokes (Part 2)

Most of the random multiverse people disappear.

I flick it back

The Multiverse people reappear.

I flick it again

They disappear.

(Me from SFRPG) the gem starts glowing HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Big laser fires at the wizard (The wizard is at low HP)

Me from the RPG appears

Me (CJ): At this point in time, I have a feeling that this is just an elaborate joke made up by random people on a Forum, IRC server, or USENET group. Either that, or an RPG game...

Me (RPG): This is crazy!

The goblins start attacking Pizzaface

(Me from SFRPG) Funny you say that...

Me (RPG): I'll just... Go Remember when this topic was just PL puns?.

Me (RPG (Henceforth called Archaic Me (Because the only thing he owns is a stone adze (Because he just made it yesterday.)))) finds a computer open to the Snap! Forums and types up a post.


Wait, what are all these previous messages?!


I open a portal and get back to the RPG.

Archaic Me's hack actually worked, and a portal is opened. He heads back to the RPG.

Portal appears, and RPG @bluebaritone21 appears again it turns out the lever CJ BB21 pulled was actually a lever labeled "Multiversal Invisibility Cloak" & I pulled the actual lever

Post by Archaic Me:

Hi, it's me again.

I open a portal back to my own realm, and block myself from ever getting pulled here again.


Me (CJ (henceforth simply called "Me" (because Archaic Me is gone forever (ever to return)))): That was weird, then again everything is these days.

Steering this back to Programming jokes:

I know this guy who does R&D at Xerox. He is well renowned for PARCing his car.

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