Coding jokes (Part 1)

I wanna give you all the letters


watch out!

hears eruption noise in background

theaysnap uses [scratchblocks]set [Glitch] to ()[/scratchblocks] on @Glitch. theaysnap wins!

umm... you sure? volcano appears and lava is chasing us

Yeah, I'm outta here.

Computer, one to beam up!

Nothing happens


Starts running.

theaysnap uses [scratchblocks]set [Volcano and lava] to ()[/scratchblocks]on @VolcanoAndLava. theaysnap wins!

the whole world has turned lava. Where do we go?

volcano pops back up again I think we need to think of another strategy!

Clicks Ctrl+Z a couple times

uhm. I think we might be having a problem

still clicks CTRL+Z

more volcanoes appear right we need to get people that can code very quickly and we need a lot of them we are outnumbered

go to dev mode
right click
10000000000000000000000000000 water buckets

volcanoes continue to errupt if we get enough people we can win!

how many people do we need

everyone we can get!


wait... what if the people go against us?

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