CodeMaster Evaluation of Snap! Projects?

Has anyone used CodeMaster to evaluate Snap! projects? The post on the CSTA website indicates that that this application was developed to automatically evaluate projects. (See link below.)

If you have used CodeMaster, do you have any opinions or information about how well it works?

CodeMaster Automated Evaluation of Snap! Projects

Nathalia da Cruz Alves, Igor Solecki, and their colleagues developed the CodeMaster rubric to automate the analysis of App Inventor and Snap! programs that are created by students as part of complex, open-ended learning activities.

@jens I just read this post about CodeMaster by Jens from 2017. Has there been any further exploration of CodeMaster by a member of the Snap! community more recently?

"CodeMaster is - somewhat to my surprise - exceptionally amazing and ... fun! I've just spent a lot of time analyzing dozens of my own projects and was pleased by the accuracy of the analyses. ... In fact, I'm so fascinated by how fun it is!"

Here's a useful link to a description of CodeMaster from the ERIC repository: