Store stuff in the cloud easily

Hey guys! I was not active because I was making this big cool project for you. This is a category where you can store things in the cloud and you can manage it as well. Use it to make leaderboards, for instance!

How to use it?

Just create an account using block. Then you will be logged in to your new account. You can find more information and a detailed tutorial in the official project.

When should I use it?

You can use it to save information, for example from a game in Snap!. It could be score, leaderboards and even multiplayer sessions! For personal use, you can save costumes, audios, etc. (must be converted to a string first)

Why should I choose this?

Because everybody should have their account to start managing data, and it is very secure. It uses High Secure Cipher, which do not let others read or edit your variables!

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the project isn't shared

Whoops! Try again...

it works now.

The error message for a password longer than 100 chars says "must be at least 100 chars" rather than "at most 100."

Good catch! I've fixed it...

Btw... What do you think about my project?

Yes!!!! Finally!!!!! Whoooo!!!! :partying_face:

I'm sad that you have to sign in every time you load the project, kinda defeats the purpose of security

just want to throw this out there, if you're going to be using this, do not use a password that you've used before. This is less secure than other sites (not saying this is not secure, it's just less secure). Someone could find your password in a project, and then get into any of your other accounts.

Also, while we're on the topic, just use a password manager (like KeepPassXC, and strongbox for ios, not sure about android though and KeepPassDX for android.) and use different passwords on all your accounts.


Correction: AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Note: the player would have to sign in first

Why are you celebrating?

off-topic but your website is broken

these are the best (cloud var) blocks yet

Fixed. There's also and

It was a general idea...
I was searching for an algorithm that could encrypt the text and I've found AES as my best option

I know html, I can help you

I don't need help wdym

eh, it's just kinda bland in my opinion.