Cloud variables based on TurboWarp

this project does a "middle man attack" to turbowarp and pretends as a normal user and uses turbowarp's cloud variables(obviously needs JS)
Note:if your project name unicode sum written twice is equal to some existing scratch project that uses cloud variables then you will be editing and reading someone else's cloud variables,so you should check if there is a project like that before changing things.
Bad news:216~233ms lag,still suboptimal for multiplayer

(the rules marked in X do not apply here)

this also makes some scratch leaderboards insecure since its already insecure but this is just a tool

(i can use cloud variables cuz my banned("weird usernames not allowed")account still counts as an account.also if you change that "world.children[0].cloud.username" in startup to your explicit name not that implicit function call you can make rule one applicable and you can use these cloud variables without your own scratch accounts(its better to use yours though to avoid name collisions.if you dont have a scratch account then use will_wam or griffpatch or spare18001767679(thats my another account before scratch got blocked,dont use my main account though) or some other scratch accounts that are not scratch team members,this way also works when your scratch is blocked AND you dont have an account))

Why exactly did THIS got flagged?


Who flagged this?
Unfortunatly,its describing the truth.
Net blox cloud vars dcan store supra long data aggregates not supra short numbers

@slate_technologies if im being a jerk then they aren't any better

Okay? But they're are saying things like this a lot, and it is really rude.


I'm not angry because you know how to hack.
I'm angry because you wont stop saying how your projects are better.

I don't(lol)

I've stopped doing that!this time im telling @18001767679 to perhaps merge the projects!

yeah because thats clear and everyone will get that message /s

I'm not doing that unless you do(api too hard to compat)but i could unpublish the slower variables like Even faster cloud var blocks!

But you're saying that "people would get suspended for advertising"
Sheesh, just let them be. The moderators decide that, not you.

Also I do get that some people can be jerks here as well...