Cloud server (multiplayer) v2


  • Fixed a lot of major bugs like the player doubling
  • Improved connection time


  • Speed up the server to make everything run smooth. (i was thinking warp but i dont want to ruin anything)
  • new COMPLETELY REDESIGNED clone system

click space to disconnect. (please do so before closing the tab)

Something's wrong. Some "test1" person keeps ruining things, and I can't disconnect because it expects a list but it gets text.

you stop then click space. again i still have things to work out. the mqtt system isnt the best. im probably going to switch to making my own incode and decode so that i dont have those errors. and i know there is a clone issue. if you want to help feel free

Ok. I'll wait for the next update before getting back on.

actually i have a request from you. can you make a bool that checks if a text is json

Hmmm... Let me see.

I don't know, I need to know how to even get json.

in the list catagory in the length of list block options there is a json of list

Ok, thanks.

Do I do this in your project or not?

please dont use my servers

Well, that's going to make things harder if I don't have a list to work off of.

make ur own example list

Ah, ok.

The closest I've gotten is putting a list block in a "_ of" set to json, in turn in a "is _ a text?" block.

thats act not a bad idea ill use that

Ah, ok. That would be fine.

please no one use the project. trying to improve it

It DEFINITELY works, there's only one problem with a primitive block. Other than that it works. I do have some suggestions.