Classtime (PLEASE HELP!) (Part 1)

This post is for people who want to help me in ClassTime...

I need to know so I can strengthen it!

Ok, security update. project is reshared.


link is already in the thread

Is the hacker still there?

no i dont think so. im in the pub server.

I've made a test class to test the software.

Code is TEST

It works! That's great! :slight_smile:


guy's someone is there -music-

But some messages are too long (Like the one you sent me) and it blocks certain letters that go offscreen

true, i can fix that.

go to public

actually, nvm. im a little tired of coding. prehaps we can just talk in the pub server on the project and admire the work we have done.

im in the pub

hey... I don't see you...

public is not working

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