Classtime (PLEASE HELP!) (Part 1)

So I am making a classroom software like Google Classroom called "ClassTime" and I need help! So if you want to help, please do!

I mostly need a few programmers who can program a server/cloud to host all of the classrooms that teachers can make

I need some testers to test the software, and give some feedback on the software.

People I have so far:

Tester(s) - spacer, joecooldoo, slate-technologies, sir-kitten

Programmer(s) - spacer, joecooldoo, slate-technologies, sir-kitten

Why is it that only 19+ users can create a classroom?

So that reckless kids don't go and clog up servers with their classrooms

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks Created a BETA version.

Do you have a test class? I want to see if I can join your test class

I just made a test class, but can you delete that test class? I was just testing the servers

class name: sup
Password: sup
if it failed you should see a message at the bottom of the screen.

My class is on a server on the farther side so it could take up to 50 sec.


I made a debug update...

You used the Uni Gottingen blocks again? :man_facepalming:

I forgot to mention that anyone with your cloud id can wreak havoc on your variables.

I fixed that
"I forgot to mention that anyone with your cloud id can wreak havoc on your variables"

I updated my code so you know where I'm going with this software: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

EDIT: Again, reply to this comment once you are done seeing the DEMO so far

Also, @jens personally disliked things that try to prevent people from peeking at the source code and doing things, and your project is an example of that.

Im going to use the write block for the class info

Sure :slight_smile:

So does anyone want to help

I made a bug update. Feel free to check it out.

Wow! It works!

Ok, i added the info area, and cloud is working, so what is next?