Classtime (PLEASE HELP!) (Part 1)

ive made the project private so he cant get in. im gunna add a blacklist w/ usernames.


I will make a test class.

Code: TEST

EDIT: How do you chat

you click chat

the project is unavailable, share it again...


Oh yeah @joecooldoo can you make it so that when someone messages in the chat, the notification window changes by 1 to show that there is a new message in the chat

pls share it @joecooldoo

@joecooldoo share it

yeah... we don't care about the hyjacker!

hold on im adding a blacklist

Also, the blacklist doesn't matter he can always go to editor and change the blacklist

this is a special blacklist... one that can remove the user even if the list is gone...

@joecooldoo how?

i cant say. its top secret.

EDIT: Why is it top secret?

tell us...

I dont want the hacker to know...

Tell us then delete post

I updated it so that there is a chat and assignments list. This is the layout I want for ClassTime. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks