Does Snap have a classroom environment where a teacher can create a classroom and give access to the students instead of the students creating their own accounts and not being tied together?

Thank you!

Hmm, @bh what do you think about this?

We're working on this, but we don't have it yet. I'm hoping for this fall, but don't quote me on that.

Probably this will be implemented in pieces. First will be the ability for teachers to create accounts in bulk. After that will be the restriction of student accounts so they can't publish projects (to avoid a zillion copies of each lab assignment appearing on the community site at once). (Of course a student can also have a personal account that isn't restricted.) And the third step would be integrating with Google Classroom or something like that.

Isn't Smerge an option?

It could help with pair programming, maybe, but not account creation or restrictions on student accounts.

But that is still very helpful for students who have group assignment, especially, for time like now. Maybe you could advertise it?

@bromagosa Would you like to add this to the helper-app list along with Snapp! and Snapinator?

Actually, seeing today's presentation by Corey Brady on Galleries in NetsBlox, I feel I can totally use that with my elementary school students (in combination with the collaboration feature also in NetsBlox).

Yes, that seems like a better match to our audience. Smerge is for the kind of people who consider git usable.

Sure. Then go ahead and use that. NetsBlox is definitely good at that.

Are you referring to Smerge? Yes, we should definitely add it to the tools section. Let me do that now...