Clarify the true purpose of Advanced Topics

In Optimizing Snap! and seeing the WorldMorph drawing areas:

Meanwhile, the Advanced Topics description reads:

This category is for people interested in the inner workings of Snap!: what's inside its implementation, how to extend it, and so on.

I agree that Snap! should not be about hacking Javascript, but if the Advanced Topics isn't the place for it then it might be a good idea to change the description.

When Jens posted that message, he was very upset that people on the forum seemed interested only in modding Snap! by coding in JS. And that was chasing away people new to Snap! who felt overwhelmed on the forum.

It's a question of balance. We don't mind an occasional mod, especially if it does something interesting, e.g., make environments first class, rather than something trivial, e.g., change the color of something. But we want the overall tone to be how to do advanced things in Snap! itself. I guess you're right that the description should reflect that.

I think it's okay if Advanced Topics is scary to beginners, that's why it has that name. As long as there are other things in the forum also!

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