Optimizing Snap! and seeing the WorldMorph drawing areas

thank you computer for reading my mind and putting in the title for me.

Anyways, what I was going to say was that I changed how the doOneCycle function in the
WorldMorph works to show what the areas to be redrawn (internally called "broken") are by stroking rects on the world canvas after everything has been drawn.

And here's a video of me testing this on Snap!

And I gotta say, scrolling in the block palette. THAT'S A LOT OF RECTS
That's why projects in Snap! slow down when you scroll in the palette or scroll anywhere with blocks. Because the world is redrawing that area!

If you actually want to test this for yourself go here.

Developers, you can toggle this on and off in the World menu.

it might be a good idea to submit a pull request on github

Welcome to finding out that Snap's source is open. I hope you're having fun exploring the code and learning about graphical frameworks such as Morphic. This is not, however, an "advanced" topic, and in this forum I'm discouraging discussions about how the code works, because then learners will get the wrong impression that Snap is about hacking Javascript, or that you have to dig into those files to learn more about it.