Checking My Trust Level

So far I've only been able to see other people's trust levels...
other dude
but I can't find mine. Is this on purpose, or is this a mistake?

Do you see a "Expand" button? If so, then click it.

I don't know much about the actual forum platform, I just use it to help.


Your trust level is member. (I don't know what that means, but that is what it is.)

Huh, so is mine! And yours is regular. (Neither do I, maybe a admin could answer that question, like @bh?)

About that, what are all of the trust levels and what do they mean?
Maybe an admin could answer if they know how this thing works too.

:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I remember that a Regular is someone who has been on the forum for a while and has read at least 24 hours worth of forum posts.

A member is someone who is not a new user.

Huh, are there any other ranks, or no?

New user and moderator, if I'm not mistaken. (At least, this is how it works on other Discourse Forums I've been on.)


The trust levels don't matter here, the only one that matters is the new user. Other than that, there is virtually no difference between basic user, member, and regular user. The difference is really just how long you've been on the forum.


Makes sense.


The forum software has an elaborate set of privileges and badges and stuff that you get as you read more and contribute more. But most of that is stupid. Nobody has time to rewrite the software to eliminate the levels, so we just set them all the same. The distinction for new user is important, though, in limiting spam, of which we get a lot. I mean real spam, from advertisers, not just kids blathering. That isn't prevented by new user status.

There's leader, which, for example, @bh and @jens have.
I'm trying to avoid tagging them (because I don't know the scary consequences).

Oh please. I don't think anyone has ever experienced any scary consequences, or consequences at all, for making a mistake. I don't think anyone has ever been surprised to be suspended or banned, ever. If I'm wrong, let me know.

haha me
for "tampering with the cloud"???
let me see if I can find the dm

EDIT: found it

I still have no clue what he's talking about and what a proxy server is

EDIT 2: I looked up what a proxy server is. i guess its like a VPN, where your computer connects to a proxy server and the server makes the actual request, which is sent back to the client. how does one set that up with someone else's websites and servers? isnt there some type of protection of some sort? i still don't 100% understand

Well, a VPN is more like an encrypted proxy. It sounds like someone tried to circumvent login or something. Creepy.