Checking My Trust Level

That's interesting. I vaguely remember something like that happening, but I don't any more remember what you're supposed to have done. (Or that it was you.) Let me try to find out...

Super weird. I wouldn't expect you, out of all people, to use a proxy server to connect to the Snap!Cloud (which I trust that you didn't). What project, exactly, did Jens see that might've made him thought that you're "hacking the api"?

I did once use the api to get a username but that's it
once a new announcement came out about the API I stopped use immediately

Ah. I guess that's it then. :~)

no, this warning was about some proxy through snap or something
did you see the screenshot in the original post?

Yeah, but Jens was a little cryptic (appropriately, for a security issue) and I don't remember at all what it was about. Next time I catch him in a good mood I'll ask. :~)

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