Chat Template

I know you can’t use it but I made it anyway. I think it’d really cool and I want to add more to it. It does not save what you chat and I have not even added a filter yet. It will never fully work as long as chat things break TOS. So many vars😑

JS must be enabled!


0.1: Everything

0.2: More moderator privileges (bans, deleting posts/chats/whatever you call them) -Ban does not work for some reason I need help with cloud vars I do not get them:(

Use my cloud vars so you don't need JS :slight_smile:Add login and signup so you don't need

Link gimme🤌🤌

They also must be enabled for other things. So it still wouldn’t matter but idk how to use cloud vars really.

What things?

Databases usernames, mostly usernames, those are in a lot of things on this. I’ll look at the blocks.

I do not know how to use these blocks. When I sign up then click username it says An anonymous guy, also nice gender assumptions might wanna change that.

I can't fetch the username without JS
and im too lazy to add a login system
the signup block is for cloud var namespaces

Then how do they work



:man_facepalming: I can't help you with that

You made it though. I have no idea how to use them.

Whats this about?

Advertisement I guess. Of their cloud blocks, which they didn’t tell me how to use.

I meant it literally.

They didn’t post anything.

they deleted their post

Ah makes since.