Chat [Roles Update]

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Turbo mode is recommended!
This is a Evolved Edition of SnapRoom! (the other cloud chat)


  • Colored Name Tags
  • Chat Commands
  • Message Filtering (No bad words)


  • Sending Images, image editor project?
  • Colored Name Tags

Bugs? Reply to me in this forum, command suggestions too.

Note: I made the cloud variables myself, not by the person who made the cloud variables aka fsul

Hmm, the project doesn't seem to be public. Did you share it?

should be public.

Did you maybe rename it after sharing the link? The one you posted doesn't work:

oh wait theres a error in the project link

Changelog v1

Increased performance, instead of taking so long it will be really quick.

  • Substrings are a javascript function now
  • Splitting messages is a CSV now
    Small Changes but they were huge changes in the project

fixed it

I also made a SnapRoom based chatroom, and I can't seem to figure out how to send a message on Chat. (edit: i found out how to send messages)

Changelog v2
Goto original project (original post)

Roles now exist that are purely cosmetic, when I implement a security system they shall have function

  • Everyone gets a member role when they first join

Seems very small but I had to implement a entire part to the cloud site to add this.

when i type most of the letters don't come out because normally i type at about 90 wpm

Yeah I type above that and it's real buggy. Not sure if this is Snap's problem or Chat's problem.

yes, i'll be working on fixing that, but because i don't use answers it is hard to come up with something that doesn't just set a variable to a bunch of clones of a letter.

Great project. I just played with it. It has some serious bugs that need to be fixed though.
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I created a remix with more things in it, like instead of pressing the down key to post the message, you press the enter key, and all symbols are suported (not including caps, but everything else) here it is (I'm not going to embed it)

because Chat was a remake of SnapRoom, and you remixed it, I guess you're in the SnapRoom-Based Chats group now

nope, I'm not, I just thought it was a good project and remixed it with a lot more keys and using the whole (most of the) keyboard instead of some of the keyboard (and I also added arrows).

Working on remaking the whole project.
User-Input is now mastered so yea you won't have to worry about it.
Currently i'm just working on a sort of frame work for the next Chatroom. (that will be 100% more secure)

Most of the bugs in this Older version were fixed in this newer version I'm working on.