Pen Trails Manipulation

Alright, with this we can import Images from other sites using URL.
Basically I made something that can manipulate pen trails (look inside you will see what I mean by Manipulate) and make custom ones without using pen, instead it uses Javascript.

Pen Trails Manipulation Link (block inside)
ctx is the refrence to the canvas btw.
this is actually pretty useful, to me anyways

Ways this could be useful:

  • Chats can now have images (stored JS data)
  • Custom Costumes
  • Saving Images by users
  • Easy shape filling
  • Faster pen
  • Other...

k cool. Guess i need to update RO!R sometime

When I click the link I get a page saying there's no such project.

oh great this again

forgot to share it, that gets annoying

Oh cool, now I can label in Baskerville!