Changed cursor

One of my students changed the cursor in snap so that instead of an arrow it is now a hand with the middle finger up. I was wondering if anybody knows how to change his back? It appears to be related to snap because it only happens in snap, but I guess it could be a windows setting. Any ideas?

That's really funny!

Probably the easiest way to fix it is to find the kid who did it and say "very funny, now fix it." But I'm guessing that clearing cookies in the browser will do the trick. But I'm not a Windows expert.

He could have imported a picture of it, just click on the sprite, select the costume tab near the top and right click on the costume and select delete.

Oh, maybe. I had interpreted the original message as meaning the system mouse cursor, not the sprite costume.

I think your right now that I look at the post again, smart kid to figure that out though


I really want your signature picture lmao.... :eye: :lips: :eye: