Please add these blocks?

untitled script pic (10)
to make clickable links inside a project
untitled script pic (11)
like in other programmi g languages, it would be useful
untitled script pic (15)
so we could set individual pixel colors on the stage and...

untitled script pic (12)
No, not really.

this belongs in the Feature Requests category

also the first block would be difficult to do because people can send you to inappropriate sites

You can write the set hue one yourself: remember the sprite's position, go to the desired position, pen down, set pen hue, move 0 steps, pen up, go back to original position.


A little bit complicated...
(function(...args){arguments.callee(args...)})(()=>{localStorage[new Date().getTime()+"junks"]=junk;junk.junk[new Date().getTime()+"junks"]=junk;return junk;})
Well,this one will only let your browser say Out Of Memory just because of the cycular spamms in localStorage and function stack

Thanks. Can you show me the script pics of those definitions?

Try use SnapV, it has a url block, a cursor block and used to have a crash site block.

If you can't download it, use it online; here

The "location..." thing goes in the second input slot of JSFunction, which is the body (a/k/a the script) of the procedure you're creating. The first input to JSFunction is for the names of the inputs of the procedure, so you'd put x there to match the "...=x" in the body.

(But don't get in the habit of using "x" as a variable name!)

to run the code, put the javascript function in the run or call block (call is when you want it to return a value)

here the website block is

the code is (a)