Change x by y not hyperized

Yeah, that's a reasonable thing to want. Not soon, though; we have a feature freeze until 8.1 is tested and released.

you post too much, please slow down. No need to share every thought that crosses your mind, give us a break and others in the community some room. Brian is too nice to point out that one principle of hyperization in Snap! is that is only applies to reporters. In that regard this is not a sensible thing to want.

Why does it only apply to reporters and not to commands? Because of side effects. Mutation is hard to predict, and we'd have to come up with different rules for every single command, what does it mean when applied to compound data, what's the expected threading model etc. Some commands would be rather straightforward to decide, others impossible. (Okay DON'T suggest any "solutions" to this, please, I'm just trying to explain, not asking for your advice).

Also, there's a special backstory to the change by set of commands that is ... a questionable Scratch heritage, to put it mildly. The "big idea" behind these blocks is to avoid assignment, because the LOGO school of pedagogy believes - with merit earned from decades of classroom experience - that assignment (and re-assignment) are at the root of much confusion for learners. There used to be a bazillion of case studies showing that even the syntax of the equals sign leads to confusion between comparison and assignment. And if you read this forum carefully you'll notice that in regular intervals people - both beginners and even longtime programmers, teachers and professors - will report the "bug" that when they change one list "another" list under a different variable name will also change.

One final thing: When yout blurb out something marked as "bug report" it sets my alarms off, because I'm constantly monitoring these in case something goes awry in school. When I stumble across such thoughtless "bug reports" as this one it makes me very angry, because it's - obviously! - NOT a "bug", not even by a far shot.

Slow down and don't spam me with fake bug reports. Thanks!